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"You're the first person, in 16 years, that was able to address our problems. We were leaving millions of dollars on the table!"


“Aristotel saw my company and went: Oh, here's what's going on! THAT was the missing thing that I was looking for!”

CASEY SHIPP, Founder/CEO, Hotmomz lifestyle

"Aristotel helped me map out the next step in my business and move in the direction that I want - insanely valuable!"

NICOLE BARKER, Founder/CEO, Brainstorm Solutions

“We pinpointed exactly the bottlenecks to double one of my offers in revenue per person! "

NELLIE CORRIVEAU, Founder/CEO, The Sales Queen

"Aristotel revolutionized the whole system of operation I use in my company. Now I can see clearly!"

SAMUELE GUERRUCCI, Founder/CEO, Medical Capital

"You've helped give me clarity and structure to scale to where I want to go and have decisions done the right way. I didn't expect to get so much value!!"

JARED ERNI, Founder/CEO, Attract to Scale

"You helped me a lot with getting clarity and identifying together the most critical blockers. I was all over the place. I was just jumping from fire to fire and you gave me a strategy on how to eliminate and structure the right things."

SORIN TICHY, Founder/CEO, Family Construct

"Now I have an opportunity to go put this into play and go out there and get my business to the next level. I'm blown away by your style of communicating and coaching!"

MIKE MAK, Founder/CEO, The Janitorial Entrepreneur

"I have about 1700 students and it's been fantastic. But I've been wanting to scale the business and trying to figure out better ways. Aristotel helped me out a lot with my positioning, my offer, to scale it, and what to do with my current clients."

SHANE OLSON, Founder/CEO, 3D Character Workshop

"Aristotel walked me through a model of operating, without me having to do all the heavy lifting by myself. Now I can take on more clients, without having that additional work."

SHANTANU VERMA, CEO/Founder, The Automation Artist

"Aristotel identified two places where I was really, really stuck in my business to get to the other side of the mountain so much faster!"

KAREN FISHER, CEO/Founder, The Profitable Non-profits

"I really appreciated the outside perspective, I've really enjoyed strategizing. There are more emotions involved, because my business it's my own baby."

TUCKER FERWERDA, CEO/Founder, Passive and Profit

"Aristotel helped me identify which stage of my business I'm at right now. I felt stuck, but talking to Aristotel, we dove deeply into the systems... How to look at a problem and how to work around it, how to solve it, to look at it from a different perspective."

NICOLAS HOFFMANN, CEO/Founder, Dropshipping

"I was finally able to see things actually get built and where the company was going."

BRADLEY ROULSON, Co-Founder, Timely Networks

"Your processes exposed very bad practices. We finally have an amazing team, working by your blueprint."

, Synkwise

“With Aristotel’s help got FINALLY on a roadmap, making progress. We really needed help there… "

ZHENYA BECK, Co-Founder, Freightera